Program 1: Ecology, culture and productivity: This programs’ goal is to work with farming communities for ecologically sound agriculture for improved productivity and social change to attain this the program implements activities that promote:
  1. Food security,
  2. Seed systems,
  3. Nutrition,
  4. Water, Soil fertility management,
  5. Conservation work on various special niches

A. Soil fertility management: Currently runs three projects namely; 


1. Multipurpose Grain Legume - A partnership project implemented by ARDAP in collaboration with KALRO - Kibos. Its main focus is to establish context specific interventions that optimizes legume, cereal productivity & performance. It works with two farmer groups in Elukhari and Namwitsula with total membership of 60 farmers scaling up legume seed production.  The target crops being Soy beans 19, Groundnuts CG7, KK8 Bean, Rongai lab lab.

2. A biotic factors affecting legume crops - A collaborative project implemented in collaboration with University if Nairobi, Masinde Muliro, KARLO, CIAT Uganda and ARDAP focusing in adaptive research in areas of seed quality in relation to pests and diseases infestation and productivity in different AEZs. The project works with three farmers clusters in , Butula, Aupe and Uyoma, where it installed a total of 40 trials where 11 were seed quality and 29 seed diversity.

3. N2 Africa -  Biological Nitrogen Fixation for farmers project worked with two farmers clusters comprising of 300 farmers each in madola and nyalwanda villages. It promoted the use of Sympal a legume fertilizer, specific legume based biofix to increase nodulation for fixing biological nitrogen and soy bean SB19 as the target crop.